Two $5,000 Scholarships for campus tour guides

Campus tour guides have a superpower. They tell great campus stories. Those stories help convince prospective students to enroll.

To celebrate the unique storytelling skills of campus tour guides, we are offering two $5,000 scholarships.

scholarship celebrating campus tour guides

The application window for these scholarships closed on May 1st, 2021.
We invite you to view the inspiring stories of our applicants in the section below or by visiting our YouTube Channel.

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How to apply

Show off your unique tour guide skills for a chance to win $5,000. Create your own video!

Create a short video that answers the prompt: Why enroll at my school? Be creative! Talk about your favorite campus experiences or tell stories that you feel might convince prospective students to enroll. Must be a US citizen, full-time student and campus tour guide.

Get your supervisor’s permission. Fill out the form and submit your materials.

You will need a letter from your supervisor that confirms your official role as a tour guide. Once you have it, prepare your video for submission and fill-out the form below. Register with your .edu email address from an accredited US school. Applications must be submitted before May 1st, 2021.

Upload your video, attach the letter from your  supervisor, and we’ll approve you!

Upload your video and a letter from your campus tour guide supervisor confirming that you are a part of the admissions team. We verify letters. Your video will be live once your files check-out ok. Supervisors can restrict videos after publishing.

Spread the news & gather likes! Results will be announced on June 1st, 2021.

Our two scholarships are awarded differently. One is awarded based on most likes for a video. So, once we publish your video on YouTube, gather likes and increase your chances to win! The second $5,000 scholarship is awarded by an independent panel of judges.

Read the complete Scholarship Rules
Scholarship Rules
hellocampus scholarship register
Students were asked to grab a mobile phone, turn on the video recorder and tell the campus story that they thought would encourage a new student to enroll!

We asked them to consider if they would tell prospective students about the incredible friends they'll make? Or talk about their awesome professors and classes? Or share about their school's social life, clubs, and traditions? Or describe their cafeteria, residence halls, classrooms, etc.?
Participate in the voting process by "liking" your favorite video submissions through 11:59 pm EST on May 31st, 2021.
Winners will be announced here on June 1st.

Step 1

Create the video.
Before you start shooting your video, think back to the campus tours you hosted. What stories made your visitors laugh? What moments connected with them? What did you say, or show them, that made each tour most memorable for them?

Visitors will visit 3-7 schools. But your school is truly unique. Tell us why! No prospect falls in love with a classroom, library, or cafeteria. They fall in love with your campus culture, its people and its traditions.

If your video uses your awesome storytelling skills to tell your campus story, you will have the best shot at winning a scholarship!

Technical requirements for video:
- any video format (i.e. mp4, mov, etc)
- 5 minutes maximum length
- 1GB maximum size

Step 2

Fill-out your personal details.
Register with your .edu email address from any accredited US school.

Your tour guide's supervisor contact details.

*Mandatory field

Step 3

Use the fields below to tell us how you want your video to appear on YouTube. See reference at the end.

youtube guide for title and description

After you submit this form we will send you an email on your .edu address inviting you to upload your Video and Letter from supervisor. 
The application is not complete until you upload your materials.

Congratulations, you're one step away!
Your form was sent.
Please check your .edu email to complete your application.
Good luck!
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