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Texting solution that enables your selected guides to connect with, help, and support your intending students.

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Intending Students Feel Isolated.
Admissions Are Looking For Ways to Connect.

With Covid, most intending students haven’t received the traditional family, friends and community support that past students received. They have had little or no time spent interacting with current college students and other matriculating high school students. To put it simply: Your intending students are hungry to connect with peers. They want to get excited and to learn how to best prepare for classes!

We Match Guides to Students. They Text Each Other.
Connections Are Formed!

We onboard your selected guides for you. Then, your students voluntarily opt-in. Next, we match your guides to your students based on the student’s interests. After that, they text each other! 18-24 year olds are more comfortable with texting than with any other form of communication. Students also prefer asking questions of their peers. Our platform helps create a comfortable bond between the two that helps build connections and answer questions!

Seamless Technology, Quick Installation, Connections Made Easy

HelloCampus Connections is so easy to use, guides, students and administrators won’t even notice they are using it! We get student permissions to share texts with admissions. We provide guides with texting ideas, prompts and a live help desk. Our client account team onboards your guides. We match them to students, watch for inappropriate texting, pay guides, etc. It is a seamless, turn-key system that can be started in an hour and can run with only a couple of hours of staff time each month. All this technology exists solely to help enable great guide-student connections! Happy texting to all!

How it works


Brand and personalize your program

Provide us with your logo and pick your opt-in phrase. We open a unique number for your school’s program. Your intending students text your phrase to that number. In 3 minutes or less, your intending students voluntarily opt-in and are ready to meet their guides!


Provide us with a list of school guides

Pick which guides you want connecting with your intending students. We’ll onboard those guides and get them set-up on Connections. Guides self-rate themselves on answering questions from students. When a student identifies with a specific question, we match that student with guides who said they could confidently answer questions on that topic!


Make the introduction, suggest ideas and topic prompts

Our system will periodically prompt guides with new texting ideas and topics, so that connections don't break over time. Guides can be prompted to talk about which clubs a student might want to join, what to do off campus, or how to use the academic support services at the school. Prompts can even help remind students to get in forms and hit deadlines! Texting can end whenever you want, or can go for a full year. Your call.


Guide help pages, live help line and 2-hour human response guarantee

Guides can text from home, school, or vacation. We offer guides a staffed helpline, 8am-9pm local time. We also offer topic pages on any relevant texting topic. Finally, we ensure every student’s texted-in question always gets a human response within two hours.


Choose how to pay your guides

When guides connect with students to answer questions and offer summer support, they are doing an important job. We think you should pay them for doing it! We offer an OPTIONAL turn-key payment option where guides are paid as contractors for texting over the summer. Our system handles all the details for a modest fee, and we pass the payments to guides.


We track, monitor and keep you informed

With every connection made between intending students and guides, it is our goal to ensure that no sensitive or personal information is shared and that no inappropriate texting occurs. That is why we flag suspect text exchanges between students for review. We can send you updates on texts shared. Any text that is flagged will be sent to the contact staff member at your school for review.


Virtual Numbers

We don't use real numbers for guides or students. We use masked, system-generated ones.

Quick Installation

It takes one hour to start. Everything is your brand, minimum staff time required.

Guides Payment

We offer schools an optional turn-key payment system to pay guides using Venmo (small fee).


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