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5 Reasons Why You Should Encourage Diversity at Your College
Although many colleges throughout the country have their very own distinct and specific missions, many of them have a common belief. And, that is that they strive to offer diversity not only with their students, faculty, and staff, but also in how they teach, what programs they offer, and how they run their everyday operations. Navigating through a diverse and cross-cultural campus life is essential for students in their overall learning experience. And, here is why!
How to Gain More Registrations for Your HelloCampus Live Virtual Tour
If you have been struggling recently to get visitor registrations, we have got you covered! It is not enough to just keep your live, virtual tour option in your back pocket. In order for more visitors to know about your tour and sign up, you need to advertise it on their channels and be considerate with their schedules! We have a few tips for you to help make your live, virtual tour more readily available to visitors. And remember, no matter what you decide to implement, the real value comes from your message.

They connect and enroll!

Easy for all: 
undergraduates, international students, athletes, job holders, etc., no matter the weather conditions or Covid-19 restrictions.