Ambassador-led, live video talking tours for your campus

Ambassadors tell your school's unique story best, just like they do on a walking tour.

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Why HelloCampus

HelloCampus Why reason 1

Weathering the coronavirus crisis

Keep your visitors and ambassadors safe with our live video talking tours. They closely match your existing walking tour experience. Ambassadors tell your school’s unique story on both tours. That’s the magic. Campus stories are the reasons your visitors enroll.

HelloCampus Why reason 2

Visitors enroll when they connect with your campus

Ask any enrolled student if they remember the exact moment they decided to enroll and most will tell you it was during their campus tour. If you ask what it was on the tour, they will tell you it was the stories and anecdotes their tour guide/ambassador told them. We help ambassadors run those kinds of tours online. When they do, your visitors can decide that your school is the right school for them.

HelloCampus Why reason 3

Low cost, compelling & easy to manage

HelloCampus is not a band-aid. It is a scalable, manageable and low-cost solution that complements on-campus walking tours. Our live video talking tours have a low-annual fee and a modest fee per video tour participant. We also provide management reports so you can manage your video talking tours like you manage walking tours.

How it works


Sign-up and assign an admissions administrator to your account.


Administrator picks interesting spots on campus and adds photos and talking points. These elements help ambassadors tell your campus story.


Visitors schedule their live video talking tour from the admissions website.


Ambassadors launch the video talking tour, welcome visitors and tell your campus story.


Admissions gets management reports to manage video talking tours like they manage physical walking tours.


Admissions can replay any video tour to improve ambassador performance.

Effective, smart & affordable SOLUTION to help visitors see if your school is right for them.

100% virtual tour
walking Campus Tour
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Video Talking Tour
Fully explores campus
Ambasadors tell your unique campus story
Visitors ask questions and get personal answers
Saves time and money in visitor travel & logistics
Limits exposure to health risks like coronavirus
Captures survey results after tour
HelloCampus comparison


We are developers, designers and business folks working together for over 16 years. We love our customers and strive to offer them superior value and great service.

We have a deep commitment to developing a great work culture, improving our local communities and most of all making everything we do work brilliantly for our customers. We have a fervent belief in customer service and you’ll see we usually answer emails within minutes.

What we do

Generally, we employ technology to build new kinds of human experiences & interactions. Or to improve existing ones. Or sometimes just to make an existing process run better. Here are some examples:

Public company risk analysis.
Better auction software.
Better online results.
Helping visitors meet more campus ambassadors.
Public company risk analysis.
Better auction software.
Better online results.
Helping visitors meet more campus ambassadors.


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